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Established in 1989, the Alabama Urban Forestry Association (AUFA), is a committed leader in arboriculture and urban forestry. AUFA promotes proper selection, planting and tree care, tree protection and other tree issues in the urban setting. 

Trees play a vital role in Alabama urban landscape.

Well-managed trees are a vital part of the urban environment and enhance the quality-of-life in our communities and towns. The key to their enjoyment is to have trees that are safe, healthy, plentiful, well placed and attractive.

AUFA Partnerships

AUFA develops partnerships to further better tree management; promote professionalism by licensing and continuing education; produce seminars and workshops to increase knowledge in arboriculture.

We work with public officials and stakeholders on issues affecting urban forestry.

Diverse Membership

As a statewide non-profit organization, AUFA has a diverse membership of arboricultural professionals, horticulturists, landscape workers, educators, community tree board members, tree-care volunteers and interested citizens who care about trees where they live and work.

Hoover City Urban Forester Colin Conner prepping a planting site for a 15 gallon deodara cedar at Deer Valley Elementary School.

Trees: Making Public Spaces Better

Imagine a park without trees. It’s fine for a ball field, of course, but the shade benefit from a mature tree is enormous. Learn more about the benefits of trees at our annual conference.

Contact AUFA Executive Director, Fred Kapp @ 205-862-2588 or for more information about attending or sponsoring an educational program.

But don’t worry, we’re already planning for next year!

Upcoming Workshops

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